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Jeff Walsh Photographer

"Light Brings Life" - Original Australian Fine Art Photograph

"Light Brings Life" - Original Australian Fine Art Photograph

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"Light Brings Life"

Original Australian Fine Art Photograph by Jeff Walsh.


"Your silent thoughts are like the roots of a plant. They remain hidden in the dark recesses of the earth, but from them stems the whole plant--its life and form, its strength and beauty. From them and through them the plant lives and dies. So, too, your thoughts, although hidden, are your real, vital force." ~ Lawrence G. Lovasik

"Light Brings Life" sprung to mind as I visualised this image before snapping the shutter. This photo was captured after a hike and a little bit of rockclimbing (with camera gear on back) into a hidden grotto in the Blue Mountains, NSW. 

The light streaming into the grotto down the waterfall shaft lit this tiny fern clinging to life on the vertical edge of the rocks. Clinging to life, life that was only possible as they was where the light hit to rock. There was enough water, nutrients and light to sustain life of a small plant.

Unframed and available in various sizes. Larger sizes available on request.

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Meet the Photographer.

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