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Jeff Walsh Photographer

"Six Falls" - Original Australian Fine Art Photograph

"Six Falls" - Original Australian Fine Art Photograph

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"Six Falls"

Original Australian Fine Art Photograph by Jeff Walsh.

It took a long walk in and an even longer and very steep walk out to capture this image. Shot at the base of Wentworth Falls following some rain there was enough running water to create a series of waterfalls at the base of the main falls.

Conquering the mist and and spray coming off the falls higher up posed a challenge, but a challenge worth accepting. 

I spent time just looking at the magnificence of these falls before shooting, looking for a frame to do them justice. It took time finding the right angle, composition and enough detail. These falls in the Blue Mountains are large and it's not easily possible to get a single shot from the base to the top, specially looking up into the mist and spray on the day.

Unframed and available in various sizes. Larger sizes available on request.

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Meet the Photographer.

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